When I Am Angry

When I am angry Lord, forbid it for me to believe you burn against those with whom I am weary.

Remind me instead, of all that I’ve been forgiven, and to pray for those whom You love just as dearly.

Lord, help me to see clearly-

And when we bow our injustices before You, may we do so with eyes set on redemption.

May we never betray our own consciences with the self-righteous desperation that insists upon affliction-

This belief that You must agree with our fevered hearts in order to be the God of all our comfort-

When somewhere this other child may be burning just as fiery and consumed by a different shade of the same hurt.

Lord, that we would just let You be Lord!

That we would never forget who seeks to divide what You have ordered; to destroy what You have so meticulously formed-

Lord, that we would just let You be Lord!

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