Obedience without love is a prison warden’s hand- here, follow me. There is no freedom in obedience without love.

Love’s outstretched hand says, “here, this is easy,” but experience and fear say do the thing anyway, it’s never coming.

Guilt says, “you have to” and condemnation says, “all is lost.”

Obedience without love is a life sentence of shame, but no obedience at all means a life of rebellion.

Love can be so fickle. Love can mock a tired soul at times. “Just reach out! Just take my hand!” while standing on an island. A thousand oceans between us, and I cannot swim.

Fear says, “you know you have to.” Guilt says, “You should want to.” Condemnation says, “You never will,” and shame says, “It’s just who you are, girl.”

And I breathe…in and out…and I wait….and I doubt.

Come find me, I whisper into the breeze…

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