The Devil is a Liar

And just when I thought I couldn’t take another step forward; face in hands, knees to cold bathroom floor. My heartbeat in rhythm as the shower drops pour-

          You open a door.

Wringing hands and screaming into the empty night. Fists pounding the steering wheel; going nowhere…an endless drive-

          You call me alive.

Hiding beneath covers, begging for relief; for a glimmer of hope. Making excuses, running from faces, and desperately trying to find my way back Home-

     You lower down the rope.

So, I grab ahold, furiously trying to grapple my way back up out of this pit. Mud in hair, scratched face of dirty scars and bloody hands; I fall back against the cold ground of failed attempts-

You say, “Child, please don’t quit.”

So, with legs that shake from strained defeat and mistakes, I tremble upward towards your beckoning. “I can’t see where this is going!” I gasp.

         “It will be worth it,” You whisper softly–“Your reckoning.”

And so, this is where you’ll find me; teetering towards the high places, emerging from mud and mire. Not quite who I was before- being refined by fire.

Tell the Lord, I’m headed home-

The devil is a liar.


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