Simplicity is Profound: The Passion of the Ordinary

Caught between believing that I am called to something great, and the humility of my limitations.

Caught between the power of Christ which can do anything, and the pride that says I must do something big.

Caught between an audience of many, and the wisdom that knows that there is only the One whose applause I should be seeking.

It is sometimes the simplistic and seemingly small things that are the biggest work in the Kingdom. Learning to appreciate, and even to love the ordinary, is the hard stuff. It is profound to be content with God’s order and creation. If we must strive to be profound at something, Lord, let us be profoundly thankful for Your world and everything in it.

My voice will never fill an auditorium, and why should that give pause to a girl who still hesitates to pick up the phone?

My song will never play on the radio, but how many babies have been rocked to sleep by the sound of my voice?

My words may never change the world, but how often have the pen to paper prayers changed my own?

I’m caught between a passion that compels me to build Your Kingdom, and the confines of my own little world that says, “Here, child. My Kingdom starts here child.”

I will speak truth and life, starting first with my own heart, and follow where that may lead.

I will sing my song as loudly as my voice will carry, and trust that little ears will remember it into old age.

I will write feverishly, the words that You bring to my heart, and I will tell my story as best as my humble limitations allow.

I am Your voice, I am Your song, I am Your story. Lord, big or small, Your Kingdom come- use me in the way that You most see fit.


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