Until You Can

I will believe when you cannot.

I will receive what you cannot-

until you can


until you are able to hear-

I will pray the words that you can’t say.

I will whisper the breath of life into your ears.


My knees will bend for you.

My heart will break for you.

My tears will pour out for you-

until you fall beside me.


If the light within you feels like darkness, I will cradle you in my arms until the dawn.

If hope has left your grasp, then grab my hand and let’s start reaching!


Until your joy breaks forth and this long, silent Winter has melted away into Spring-

I will wait here beside you in the shadows and whisper songs into the breeze…

Until you can



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2 thoughts on “Until You Can

  1. This is clearly a song. I want to hear it!

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  2. ialwaysknewgodhadyou November 25, 2019 — 10:51 pm

    So beautiful.💗

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